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    Brief introduction of Ding Tai Machinery ABOUT XINGHUA
    Ding Tai mechanical surface treatment pioneer, Ding Tai Machinery, everything!
    Technical exchanges and cooperation with counterparts at home and abroad, advanced technology
    Our company for many years committed to various parts of the surface finishing and shot peening and surface corrosion treatment research, development and application. Light from surface decoration, cleaning, enhanced anti-corrosion and other advanced technologies, the implementation of international business strategy. And with the domestic and foreign counterparts in technical exchanges and cooperation, learn from each other
    With all kinds of stainless steel, alloy steel, aluminum, copper, zinc pills pill pill, pill, glass steel grit blasting.
    R & D and production of a variety of specifications of metal and non-metallic shot blasting particles
    According to the different needs of customers, and strive to explore the development and production of the shot blasting machine blasting (pill) room, coating equipment, grinding machine, cleaning machine, sandblasting machine, belt machine, dryer and matching chemical polishing liquid, use brightener, forming grinding block, anti rust agent, protective agent, cleaning agent and a variety of specifications metal and non metal particles shot, the best-selling products at home and abroad.
    According to the user's product requirements, design and production of corresponding non-standard equipment.
    The company has accumulated a wealth of processing experience and process technology, forming a new technology advantage, the company can also according to the user's product requirements, design and production of corresponding non-standard equipment. Welcome customers to negotiate, consulting, sample.

    Ding Tai Machinery sincerely hope to create brilliant tomorrow with our customers!
    Wide range of product applications
    Widely used in black, non-ferrous metal and non-metallic parts surface deburring, descaling and polishing treatment, chamfering, polishing, sanding polishing, cleaning, cleaning, light enhancement, anti rust and anti oxidation removal processing of surface stress.
    About us
      Jiangsu Yancheng Ding Tai Machinery is a professional casting machinery manufacturing units, mainly in shot blasting machine, sand blasting machine, dust removal equipment, sand blasting room. Excellent product quality, good service attitude, welcome to buy.   Enterprise well-equipped, strong technical force, has many years of design and manufacturing experience. Products are sold in more than 20 provinces and cities, and are widely used in wind power generation, aviation, metallurgy, machinery, construction, shipbuilding, foundry, mining and other industries, with excellent quality good reputation and perfect after-sales service to win the unanimous endorse... [MORE]
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    National Service Hotline:0086-15251082888
    Contacts in Southwest China:Mr.Jiang 0086-13912522566
    Contacts in Northwest China:Mr.Song 0086-18961952666
    Contacts in Northeast China:Mr.Chen 0086-15251083355
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