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    Aluminum pill

    Aluminum shot

    Product specification: Φ 2mm ---- Φ 12mm


    Product name diameter net weight / packaging aluminum content purpose

    Aluminum shot Φ 2mm - Φ 12mm 25kg / bag 1000kg / bag ≥ 99.7% of the surface of ferrous metal and non-ferrous metal parts shall be subject to enhanced deburring, polishing of non-ferrous metal parts and main surface finishing of parts.


    Product packaging: 25kg / bag 1000kg / bag


    Product Description: aluminum shot is widely used in automobile, aircraft, shipbuilding, container, machinery manufacturing, metal casting, metal surface treatment and other industries. The product is known as "the beautician of metal surface". The company's products mainly come from Japan and have strong technical support. The company has two doctoral talents who are responsible for the innovation and improvement of the company's products for many years.


    Test: no other components enter or contact with other metals from raw materials (aluminum ingots) to finished products. Using DF-100 direct reading spectrometer, ICP-AES and other high-end detection instruments. Before warehousing, each process shall be checked and tested layer by layer. We will not let go of any small details, so as to make our product performance stable for a long time. Ensure that the content of each batch of aluminum shot is more than 99.7%.


    Quality: the quality of aluminum pills is strictly in accordance with Q / g zks01-2003. On November 8, 2005, it was the first one in the same industry in the province to obtain ISO9000: 2000 international quality system certification issued by Beijing Junyou Integrity Quality Certification Co., Ltd., and obtained the import and export rights in the same year. On April 13, 2007, it passed the RoHS EU environmental protection test one time.


    With advanced equipment, advanced technology and strict inspection, aluminum pill has been supplied to many domestic foreign-funded enterprises for a long time, and exported to Japan, India, EU, Middle East and other regions in large quantities. It has established good trade relations with foreign businessmen and enjoys a high reputation in domestic and international markets.


    Chemical composition of aluminum pill:


    Copper ≤ 0.01%, iron ≤ 0.25%, silicon ≤ 0.20%

    Iron + silicon ≤ 0.36% impurity ≤ 0.03% aluminum ≥ 99.7%


    Transportation and storage: it is forbidden to use packages and means of transportation with acid, alkali, salt and other corrosive aluminum for shipment, and shall be stored in dry, ventilated and non corrosive warehouse to prevent rainwater from getting wet.