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    DFZ series high efficiency high temperature air filter dust remover

    DFZ series high-efficiency high-temperature air filter dust remover is a new generation product developed after several years of experience improvement of European and American countries in the production of underflow dust remover, which is widely used in flue gas dust removal under high temperature conditions. In order to ensure the normal operation of the dust remover, the inclined installation of the down flow filter cartridge is changed to the vertical installation.

    1. The filter element is a pleated filter cartridge.


    II. Filter materials:


    1. PSU high temperature plastic micro pore burning conjunctiva filter material: working temperature 150 ° C, instantaneous temperature 180 ° C.


    2. Meta fiber filter material: working temperature 190 ° C, instantaneous temperature 220 ° C.


    3. Suitable industries: smelting, steel, lead, cement, boiler, drying, carbon black, chemical industry, etc.


    4. It has the following advantages:


    1. The structure of the equipment is small and reasonable.


    2. The ash removal effect is strong and the pressure difference is reduced.


    3. The dedusting efficiency is as high as 99.95%.


    4. Long service life of filter element filter cartridge.


    5. Easy installation and maintenance.