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    Cartridge filter
    Working principle of the dust remover: the dust containing gas is inclined into the middle box body from the upper air inlet. Through inertial collision, the coarser particles fall into the ash hopper directly under their own gravity, and are discharged from the ash outlet through the ash unloading mechanism. The other part of the fine dust is absorbed on the outer surface of the filter bag under the action of the induced draft fan. The clean air passes through the filter bag and enters the clean air box of the middle box body, and then flows through the rectangular induction tube and collects in the air outlet box to discharge from the outlet of the fan. With the continuous filtration, the resistance of the precipitator should be kept within the limited range, so it is necessary to clean the dust to shake off the dust and reduce the resistance of the equipment. This series of dust remover uses pulse controller to control the low-pressure pulse valve to spray and clean the dust. Under the action of its blowing and induced air volume, the filter bag will swell instantly and shake the dust.