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    Dfsxx vibration type single filter

    Product description

    Dfsxx series vibration filter cartridge single unit dust remover is a new product developed by introducing foreign advanced dust collection technology. It is a local dust removal unit with small volume and high dust removal efficiency. The main technical indicators of the product have reached the advanced level in China and are welcomed by the majority of users.


    Scope of application

    The product is widely used in metal processing, tobacco, pharmaceutical industry, electric power, building materials, chemical industry, food, plastic, coal and other industries.

    The filter material is imported polyester filter material with good air permeability. The utility model has the advantages of long service life, high dust removal efficiency, filtering efficiency of 1 μ m, up to 99.99%.

    Our strong technical force, according to the special needs of users, professional design and manufacturing.


    normal operation

    The dust containing gas enters the unit through the inlet, and the dust is blocked on the surface of the filter cartridge and collected. The clean gas enters the induced draft fan through the center of the filter cartridge and is discharged through the top outlet of the anechoic chamber.


    Vibration cleaning

    The vibrating dust remover is generally suitable for the intermittent working environment. The dust can only be removed by vibration after the induced draft fan is shut down. The dust removal effect of the filter cartridge can be achieved by using the working principle of high frequency vibration.