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    Alloy steel shot (cast steel shot)

    Alloy steel shot, grinding shot

    As the name implies, grinding shot is a forged product, also known as high manganese steel shot. It is a product that uses high manganese steel wire to cut into a cylinder at high speed, and then conduct angle grinding. It has no space, no cracks, and is not broken. Its consumption shape is from large to small until the particle is small to 3 / 10 of the original particle, and then it is removed by the dust extraction system or separation equipment of the shot blasting machine to complete its whole service life cycle. It is a new type of steel wire cutting shot, that is, the steel wire is cut into a cylinder with the same length and diameter, and then it is ground to remove its edges and corners to make it into a ball body. Such products have the advantages of cast steel shot and steel wire cut shot at the same time: uniform polishing, no damage to the workpiece, not easy to crack, high wear resistance, long life cycle polishing. At present, abrasive steel ball is the main metal abrasive material for the finish machining of auto parts and other accessories.

    Product overview

    It is refined by drawing, cutting and grinding. The product has uniform particles, no air holes inside the steel shot, long service life and short shot blasting time. It is applicable to hardened gear, screw, spring, chain, various stamping parts, standard parts and stainless steel and other hard workpieces, which can achieve surface descaling, surface strengthening treatment, polishing, paint removal, corrosion removal, dust-free shot peening, solid workpieces with metal surface protruding. Natural color, to your satisfaction. This product is the first choice of all kinds of hardware intensive processing products.

    With the continuous development of the market, the demand of "high, precise and sharp" science and technology content is becoming more and more intense. Therefore, the surface cleaning requirements of machinery and other products are becoming higher and higher. In addition, with the increasingly fierce market competition, manufacturing enterprises are actively reducing costs and improving quality, so as to improve their competitiveness. Abrasive pills are the most ideal projective consumables developed to meet the market demand.

    Technical index

    The grinding shot shall be in accordance with the standard of steel wire cutting shot (JB / t8354-1996). In addition to the advantages of steel wire cutting shot, it also has the following characteristics:

    I. appearance

    The abrasive shot shall be elliptical, and the number of ultra long and flat flake particles in the finished product shall not exceed 10% of the inspected quantity;

    II. Specifications

    The specification range of grinding pill is 0.6 × 10, 0.8 × 10, 1.0 × 10, 1.2 × 10, 1.4 × 10, 1.7 × 10, 1.8 × 10, 2.0 × 10, 2.4 × 10.

    III. technical requirements

    The chemical composition and content of grinding balls shall meet the following requirements:


    Chemical composition csimnps

    Content 0.65-1.10 0.8-1.65 1.20-2.0 < 0.05

    IV. hardness

    HRC of abrasive shot: 50-65 (not tempered) HRC: 40-50 (tempered)

    V. metallographic structure

    The metallographic structure of abrasive shot is tempered martensite and tempered troostite

    Vi. cracks

    The grinding shot with cracks shall not exceed 3% of the inspected quantity.

    VII. Physical properties

    The willfulness of abrasive shot is I, and the tensile strength is 1520n / m ㎡.

    VIII. I. cycle life

    The cycle life of abrasive shot is more than 2.5 times that of cast steel shot and steel wire cut shot.

    To sum up, grinding balls have obvious advantages over other products in terms of manufacturing and raw material selection. They have the characteristics of high manganese steel. At the same time, grinding balls have no holes and cracks. In addition, the hardness of grinding balls is balanced. Compared with other products, such as steel wire cutting balls and cast steel balls, they have poor toughness, short life, high cost and relatively small scope of application. These advantages are enough to say. Obviously, grinding steel shot is much better than other casting products.

    Finally, when it comes to the cost performance, the same performance over quality, the same quality over price, superior quality, superior price, under the same conditions, the final purpose of using the product is to achieve the best surface cleaning effect, while the national standard of cast steel shot allows defects such as porosity, crazing, short service life, etc., the steel wire shot is not guided, angular and track driving, which is beneficial to equipment and engineering. The damage of the parts is large and destructive, thus increasing the cost; while the abrasive shot overcomes all the weaknesses of the above two products, without porosity and crazing, and its service life is 2.5 times that of the cast steel shot.

    Product advantage

    The advantages of abrasive balls over cast steel balls are as follows:

    1. The composition of grinding pill is stable.

    2. High toughness and tensile strength.

    3. The grinding shot overcomes all the weaknesses of the cast steel shot, without air holes and breakage.

    4. Long service life.

    Consumption ratio of abrasive shot to cast steel shot:


    Cast iron (sand cleaning)


    Over 1000kg medium

    About 100kg small

    < 10kg

    Consumption of cast steel shot 2-4kg / ton 6-8kg / ton 8-10kg / ton

    Consumption of grinding steel shot 1-2 kg / T 3-5 kg / T 4-6 kg / T

    Benefits of using abrasive pills:

    1. After cleaning, the surface color of workpiece is silver white.

    2. Less environmental pollution.

    3. The labor intensity of workers is reduced.

    4. High efficiency, less pill consumption, and lower production cost.