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    Cast steel shot and sand

    Cast steel pellet


    Cast steel shot is made of high-quality steel chips, which are first dissolved, and then the molten steel is formed into small balls by high-pressure water jet. The formed pellets are reheated to purify the homogeneity and then quenched. After quenching, the shot body is dried in the furnace and reheated for tempering to achieve appropriate hardness. The tempered steel shot is sorted into 11 grades according to SAE standard through mechanical screen for shot blasting equipment. Products with different particle size and hardness are used in different processes, such as surface strengthening.


    Folding scope of application cast steel shot is widely used for descaling and derusting of steel parts before coating. In this case, centrifugal shot blasting equipment is often used. The shape of the ball and the smaller hardness of the ball will prevent the ball from wearing the equipment. Steel shot is also widely used in the foundry industry. When the workpiece is taken out of the mold, the sand on the surface of the workpiece shall be removed with steel shot. When the steel shot is used with suitable equipment, because it is durable, it must be the best abrasive for your surface cleaning.


    Chemical composition of folded steel shot (%)


    Folding industry: aviation industry, automobile industry, sandblasting / painting business, consumer goods manufacturing, container manufacturing / repair, casting, granite / stone cutting and shipbuilding and ship repair, middleman, oil and gas pipeline, factory maintenance and metal processing.


    Folding applicable process scope: surface pretreatment before spraying; casting sand cleaning; pipeline descaling, etc.